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Anne Blinks' life spanned most of the 20th century, 1903-1995. Her textile life spanned the second half, learning to weave while living in Stockholm in 1949. She wove beautiful utilitarian textiles for a few years and when she lived in Washington, D.C., 1953-54, she made herself useful at the Textile Museum. Here she wove most of the cotton samples for Irene Emery's book The Primary Structures of Fabrics . Her textile interests expanded to researching historic and prehistoric textiles. She traveled widely, and people traveled to her. She replicated or copied cloth that was unknown to our weaving community, bringing the textile world to us, so to speak. She passed on her particular focus of replicating the whole cloth: the correct fiber, the dye, the loom, the structure, the technique, the finish. She straddled the artistic and the scholarly worlds, influencing both fiber artists and researchers--by some, Anne was called "the missing link".
Anne left many, many textiles which she had created or collected over the years. Of these, there was a large group of samples, replicas and some finished pieces. This heritage collection became the basis for a project of the Santa Cruz Handweavers Guild, making it available to other weavers. Anne loved to put a textile in your hands, asking "What do you think, Ducky?" We hope our efforts to bring interesting cloth to people Anne had yet to meet will continue to foster the special focus she had for looking at textiles.
Guild member Nora Rogers co-ordinated the efforts of Guild members Barbara Boone, Mark Daly, Anita Dyer, Susan Moore-Orrett, Sandie Shoemaker and Wendy Stolins worked to organize and catalog many of the samples Anne collected and created into study boxes.

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