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Anne Blinks Textile Study Collection

Bibliography for Bands and Braids Group

Mary Meigs Atwater, Byways in Handweaving, Shuttle Craft Books, 1954.  [Chapters 
  on inkle weaving and plaiting.]

Anne Blinks, Roggeband, Interweave, Spring 1978, page 16.

Helene Bress, Inkle Weaving, Flower Valley Press, Revised and Updated 1990.

Adele Cahlander, with Elayne Zorn and Ann P. Rowe, Sling Braiding of the Andes,
  Weavers Journal Monograph IV, 1980.

Mary Frame, "Structure, Image, and Abstraction: Paracas Necropolis Headbands as
  System Templates", in Paracas Art and Architecture, ed. Anne Paul, (University
  of Iowa Press, Iowa City, 1991) pp. 110-171. [Excellent discussion and diagrams
  of some Peruvian flat braids.]

Raoul d'Harcourt, Textiles of Ancient Peru and Their Techniques, ed. Grace G. Denny
  and Carolyn M. Osborne, Transl. Sadie Brown (Univ. Washington Press, Seattle,
  1962).  [Extensive diagrams of sling braids, from which Anne worked.]

Shirley Held, Weaving, A Handbook of the Fiber Arts, Holt, Rinehart and Winston,
  Second edition, 1978.  [Chapters on inkle weaving and plaiting.]

Evelyn Neher, Inkle, 1974 (self published). [Good section on history.]

Rodrick Owen, Braids - 250 Patterns from Japan, Peru and Beyond (Cassell, London and
  Interweave Press, USA, 1995).

Noemi Speiser, The Manual of Braiding, 3rd Edition, Basel, 1983 (self published), 
  Ordering address:  Noemi Speiser, Ziefener-strasse 25, CH-4424 Arboldwil,
  Switzerland.  [Most complete resource on braids.]

Alta Turner, Finger Weaving: Indian Braiding (Little Craft Books Series of Sterling
  Publishing Co., Inc., New York, 1973).

Elayne Zorn, Sling Braiding in the Macusani Area of Peru",  Textile Museum Journal
  vols 19-20, 1980-81, pp. 41-54.  [One of the first present-day records of the
  sling braiding technique, as taught to Zorn by herders in the Macusani Area.] 

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