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Bibliography for Tablet Weaving

Very complete bibliographies for tablet weaving exist on-line and may be accessed through the TWIST (Tablet Weavers International Studies & Techniques) web site. Here you will find links to Peter Collingwood's ongoing bibliography on tablet weaving; also Carolyn Priest-Dorman's bibliography of tablet weavings before 1600, and Nancy Spies' bibliography of medieval tablet weavings. In addition, this site is the complete resource for tablet weavers -- a gallery of weavings by members, connections to members web sites, and related techniques. The site is maintained by Janis Saunders, the editor of the TWIST journal.

Listed here are some of the publications Anne had access to, or are found in her papers. Note that "card weaving" and "tablet weaving" are interchangeable terms.

Andersen, Paulli, Brikvaevning (Borgen, 1967).  [Small Danish book, very much 
   admired by Anne.]

Atwater, Mary Meigs, Byways in Handweaving, Shuttle Craft Books, 1954.  
   [Chapter on card weaving.]

Bolland, Rita, "Three Looms for Tablet Weaving", in Tropical Man, vol. III, 
   (Leiden, 1970). [Presentation of tablet weaving in Celebes, Indonesia.]

Collingwood, Peter, The Techniques of Tablet Weaving (Watson-Guptill, New York,
   1982). [The most complete source for tablet weaving information and techniques
   in English.]

Crockett, Candace, Card Weaving (Watson-Guptill, New York, 1973).  [Excellent 
   instructions and history.  Author included two photographs of Anne's 
   replications in the first edition.]

Crowfoot, Grace, "Textiles of the Saxon Period in the Museum of Archaeology 
   and Ethnology", in Proc. Cambridge Antiquarian Soc. vol. XLIV, 1951, pp.28-
   33.  [sect. II: Tablet Woven Braid on a Bronze Strap-end from St. John's
   Cricket Field, Cambridge, Saxon, Late Pagan (split-pack diamond pattern); 
   and sect. III: Fragment of Broken Diamond or Crystal Twill in Linen, from 
   Barrington Cemetery, Saxon, Late Pagan.] 

-----, Notes on Textiles in Thompson, F.H., "Anglo-Saxon Sites in Lincolnshire",
   The Antiquaries Journal, Vol XXXVI, No. 3-4, 1956, pp.188-89.  [6th C. linen
   band found on brooch in Laceby.  Plain weave with warp pattern, edges twined.
   Anne replicated this band at Cambridge.]

Dedekam, Hans, "To tekstilfund fra folkevandringstiden"  (Two textile finds 
   from the Migration Period), Bergens Museums Aarbok 1924-25,  Hist.-Antikv. 
   Raekke Nr. 3. [Tablet woven bands: some with figures,  one a cape border 
   (Evebo) and one a missing hole band from Snartemo.  Patterns and photos as well 
   as discussion.]

van Gennep, Arnold and Gustave Jequier, Le tissage aux cartons et son utilisation
   decorative dans l'Egypte ancienne (Delachaux and Niestle, Neuchatel, 1916).
Hald, Margarethe, Brikvaevning (Gyldendalske Boghandel Nordisk Forlag, Copenhagen,

-----, Olddansk Tekstiler (Copenhagen, 1950). [Ancient Danish Textiles.  English
   summaries of chapters, diagrams of individually turned tablet weaving patterns 
   found in Danish archaeological sites.]

Hoffmann, Marta, The Warp-Weighted Loom (Oslo, 1964). [Instructions for using 
   tablets for warping the warp-weighted loom.]

Kosswig, Lenore, "Uber Brettchenweberei insbesondere in Anatolien", Baessler-
   Archiv, Neue Folge, Band XV, 71-133 (1967). [Anatolien cardweaving] 
Lehman-Filhes, Margarethe, Uber Brettchenweberei (Dietrich Reimer, Berlin, 1901).  

Schlabow, Karl, Die Kunst des Brettchenwebens (Karl Wachholtz Verlag, Neumunster, 
   1957). 31 pp.  [Veroffentlichungen des Fordervereins Industrie-Museum
   Neumunster c. V.]  [The Art of Tabletweaving]

Schuette, Marie, Tablet Weaving, Ciba Review, 112 (Basel, 1956).

Start, Laura, "The Textiles" in Lagore Cranog by Henchen, Proc. Royal Irish Academy,
   Vol. LIII (1951).

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