Anne Blinks Textile Study Collection

Catalog of Tablet Weaving Study Box
"Four Tablet Woven Bands"

The contents of this travel box were assembled based on a Black & White Photo of
four tablet woven bands taken in 1964.  We think Anne wove the bands during or
shortly after the year she and Lawrence lived in Cambridge, England, 1958-59.
  Cat #         Description                                        Size
Band A

  Not in collection;  Pictured in photo and described in Anne's typescript notes
  of Grace Crowfoot's published article on a linen fragment found on a broach in a
  Cambridge excavation, dating to 6th C. Anglo-Saxon times.  2-hole weave in two

Band B

   28 a    band, black/white/grey Multiple Fabric belting            1-1/4 x 71"
             wool, split-pack technique
      b    sample band, copy of fragment, navy/grey/blue worsted     7/8 x 5-1/2"
             wool, split-pack technique, cut one end

Band C

   22      band, navy/grey/white 6-ply linen, double-face weave      2 x 50"
             Pakistan technique, cards intact                       

Band D

   02 b    small sample, chenille, black/grey, diamond pattern       2-1/4 x 6"
             cut end

   04      band, chenille, red/grey, diamond pattern                 2 x 67"

   07      band, goathair & cotton, brown/white, diamond pattern,    1-1/2 x 73"
             purchased in Tehran in 1959


A project of the Santa Cruz Handweavers Guild
Keeper of the Box: Nora Rogers.

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