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Papers of the Anne Blinks Textile Study Collection are available for borrowing by members of handweavers' guilds and researchers. There is a fee of $5 per item for mailing within the U.S. Outside the U.S. mailing will add an extra cost. You may request a paper via email but the fee must be received before a paper will be mailed. The loan period is one month from postal date, to be returned in the same or similar envelope. The actual monograph, offprint or photograph will not be loaned, but a photocopy of it instead. When you email your request, the response will include the address for mailing your fee and list the extra cost if the mailing is outside the U.S.
Monographs and Offprints

Crowfoot, Elizabeth, "Braid-Weaving Techniques in Ancient Egypt", Liverpool
  Bulletin, vol. 10, (1961-62), pp.22-25. [Response to Otfried Staudigel's
  paper on Ancient Tabletweaving in Egypt in previous issue. See photocopy

Crowfoot, Grace, "Textiles of the Saxon Period in the Museum of Archaeology 
  and Ethnology", in Proc. Cambridge Antiquarian Soc. vol. XLIV, 1951, pp.28-
  33.  [sect. II: Tablet Woven Braid on a Bronze Strap-end from St. John's
  Cricket Field, Cambridge, Saxon, Late Pagan (split-pack diamond pattern); 
  and sect. III: Fragment of Broken Diamond or Crystal Twill in Linen, from 
  Barrington Cemetery, Saxon, Late Pagan.] 

Dedekam, Hans, "To tekstilfund fra folkevandringstiden"  [Two textile finds 
  from the Migration Period], Bergens Museums Ârbok 1924-25,  Hist.-Antikv. 
  Række Nr. 3. 74 pages. [Tablet woven bands: some with figures and one a 
  cape border (Evebø) and vacant hole band from Snartemo.  Patterns and 
  photos as well as discussion - in Norwegian]

Hald, Margarethe, Brikvævning (Gyldendalske Boghandel Nordisk Forlag,
  Copenhagen, 1932) 44 pages. [In Danish - English translation available.]
Schlabow, Karl,  Die Kunst des Brettchenwebens (Karl Wachholtz Verlag,
   Neumünster, 1957). 31 pp.  (Veröffentlichungen des Fördervereins
   Industrie-Museum Neumünster c. V.) [In German]  

Shuette, Marie, Tablet Weaving, CIBA Review No. 117, November 1956.
  [History and survey of tablet weaving]


Andersen, Pauli, Brikvævning, (Borgen, 1967), 3d edition 1971.  [with English

Bolland, Rita, "Three Looms for Tablet Weaving", Tropical Man III, 160-189 
  (1970).  [presentation of tablet weaving in Celebes, Indonesia.] 

Crowfoot, Grace M. and H. Ling Roth, "Were the Ancient Egyptians Conversant
  with Tablet-Weaving?" Liverpool University Institute of Archaeology, Annals
  of Anthropology, vol. 10 (1923), pp. 7-20.
Kosswig, Lenore, "Über Brettchenweberei insbesondere in Anatolien", Baessler-
  Archiv, Neue Folge, Band XV, 71-133 (1967). [Anatolien cardweaving] 
  [with English translation]]

Lehman-Filhés, Margarethe, Über Brettchenweberei (Dietrich Reimer, Berlin,
  1901).  [with English summary]

Staudigel, Otfried, "Tablet Weaving in Ancient Egypt", Liverpool Bulletin, 
  vol. 9, (1960-61), pp.7-24.


Girdle of Ramses, two black & white glossy photos, (front) of starting end,
  (back) of fringe end.  Each 10" x 15", from the Libraries, Museums and Arts
  Committee, Liverpool.  [Good closeup of starting end.]

Kosswig: Anne's notes and drawings for the cardweaving patterns Kosswig 

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